Turbo!!! And he is living up to his name.  He is full of energy and is such a lovable little guy.  Great, GREAT pedigree packed into this little guy. ASDR  & AKC Registered.  Elite Champion ASDR.  SG-1 Rating at IABCA International Dog Show. Agility Level 1. Trick Dog Title.  Canine Good Certificate.  Alliance of Dog Therapy Certified. Competes in Canine Performance Events in Agility, receiving titles CL1-R and CL1-S.   OFA good hip joint conformation. Full panel genetic testing compete. HSF4 N/N, PRCD N/N and MDR1 M/M.  He is 13" tall and 16 pounds. 

Elsa is a princess.  Maybe she thinks that because she is from championed bloodlines and is Championed herself.  She is a fearless little go getter that has fun at everything she does.  She loves to swim!  She also competes in CPE and has her CL1 & 2-R, CL1, 2 & 3-H, CL1 & 2-S and CL1 & 2-F.  ASDR registered.  Level 2 Championed.  Rally titled Level 1. By parentage: HSF4 N/N, MDR1N/N & N/P, PRCD N/N. She is 13.5” 18 lbs.

Zippo is our cuddle bug and our go getter.  She loves to play fetch all day, but wants to sit with you and rest and relax in the evenings.  Zippo has her Canine Good Citizen Certificate. 

ASDR registered.  Championed Level Two Titled.  Rally Level Two Titled. Jr Agility.  HSF4 N/N, MDR1 N/N, PRCD N/M.   She is 12.5” tall and 19lbs.

This is Roxie.  My little rock star.  She has been an amazing puppy/dog.  She comes form amazing bloodlines, which I'm so excited to add to my program.  Roxie is ASDR registered. Elite Championship.  V-1 rating at IABCA show. She has her Canine Good Citizen Certificate and competes in Canine Performance Events.  She has earned her CL1-R, CL1-H, CL1-F, CL1-S and CL2-F. Roxie has her Novice Trick Title, Intermediate Trick Title and Advanced Trick Title.  She has passed her Alliance for Therapy Dogs Test. HSF4 N/N, PRCD N/N. MDR1 N/M.  She is 15.5" tall and 29 pounds.

This is Riley.  My tiny little blue eyed tri.  She comes from a long line of toy pedigree.  She loves to run around and chase the kids.  She is fast!  ASDR registered. Level 2 Championed.  Jr qualifying run in agility.  Received her Canine Good Citizen Certificate.  V-1 rating at IABCA International Dog Show.   Genetic Testing: Full Panel Clear, HSF4 N/N,  PRCD - N/N, MDR1 - N/N.  She is 11.5" tall and 9.5 pounds.

Meet Lucy.  She is a great natured dog.    Very smart, athletic and loyal.  ASDR Grand Elite Champion, ICE International Champion,
IABCA International Champion, ASDR Elite Rally, AKC Canine Good Citizen.  She has quite the resume and very excited to add her to our program.  She has a full panel genetic testing done and is clear on all including
HSF4 N/N, MDR1 N/N, PRCD N/N. She is 13” tall and 14 lbs.

Heading 5

Flynn is a Riley and Turbo daughter.  Mackenzie has been asking us to keep a puppy for a long time, and we caved.  This is Mackenzie's little shadow.  She has been doing all the training with her.  So far, they have been very successful in the show ring.  Winning First in Class, Best of Bitch, First Bred By and Best of Opposite.  She has a fabulous personality.  He nickname is Flynnergy, as the spark of Mackenzie flows onto Flynn.  Currently  11inches 8.2 pounds.  

Brandy is my up and coming female.  I'm super excited

to watch her grow and compete in the show ring.  She

has amazing bone and great confirmation.  Currently 15 inches 16.5 pounds.

Buzz is a keeper pup from Lucy and Turbo.  So excited to see him in the show ring!

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