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Zippo is our cuddle bug and our go getter.  She loves to play fetch all day, but wants to sit with you and rest and relax in the evenings.  Zippo has her Canine Good Citizen Certificate. 

ASDR registered and is an Elite Silver Champion.  She also has her Elite Championship for Rally. Competes in  Jr Agility.  HSF4 N/N, MDR1 N/N, PRCD N/M.   She is 12.5” tall and 19lbs.


Elsa has been spayed and will retire from being a great momma.  She will go to a home and get to play lots of agility.

Elsa is a princess.  Maybe she thinks that because she is from championed bloodlines and is Championed herself.  She is a fearless little go getter that has fun at everything she does.  She loves to swim!  She also competes in CPE and has her CL1 & 2-R, CL1, 2 & 3-H, CL1 & 2-S and CL1 & 2-F.  ASDR registered.  Level 2 Championed.  Rally titled Level 1.  HSF4 N/N, MDR1N/M, PRCD N/N. She is 13.5” 18 lbs.


Cooper has been neutered, but he had several nice litters for us here at Plum Creek.  He is a Grizzly and Elsa baby!  Beautiful Red Merle Male, with stunning blue eyes.  Got the best of both qualities from his parents.  Super friendly.  Loves going to the dog park.  Smart and Athletic.  He lives in Sioux Falls with my brother and his wife. Cleared by parentage for HSF4 and PRCD possible carrier MDR1.  ASDR registered.  He is 14" tall and weights 16 pounds.

IMG_4111 - Copy.JPG
IMG_4102 - Copy.JPG

Grizzly is our reference sire.  I can’t say enough about him.  He is just a great natured dog.  Never meets a stranger.  Very smart, athletic and loyal.  He has his Canine Good Citizen Certificate.  He is ASDR Championed. Grizzly is competing in CPE (Canine Performance Events)  He has CL1, 2 & 3-R, CL1, 2 & 3-H, CL1& 2-S, and CL1 &2 -F. Go Grizzly!  ASDR registered.  HSF4 N/N, MDR1 N/N, PRCD N/N.  OFA hips excellent. He is 13” tall and 16 lbs.

Stella is retired.  She has had some very amazing puppies.

Stella in Latin means “STAR”.  She is a great all-round aussie that loves to be with you.  She is co-owned with my parents and has the luxury life in town, being pampered like a puppy grandchild.  She is 13” and 18lbs.


Matt's Standard Australian Shepherd "IKE"


Mackenzie and Buddy

trevor and charlie.jpg

Melissa's Cocker Spanial "Charlie" and Trevor


Mackenzie and Ace

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